Eclipse Not Picking Up JDK 10 JRE

So I tried to update my JDK/JRE to 10 but for some reason Eclipse is not picking up the JRE for JDK 10 (but keeps recognizing JDK 8).

These are the steps I have already taken : 1) After opening the workspace I go to Windows > Preferences > Java> Installed JREs .

2) It showed JRE 1.8 installed in C:Program Files Java jre

3) I click on search and select C:Program Files Java ; this folder contains JDK 10 and JRE 10. But when search concludes it ends up picking up the JDK 1.8 that is also installed in the same directory but not JDK 10.

4) I try to manually add the JRE/ JDK by clicking Add and then it gives me a window titled Add JRE followed by JRE Definition. When I the JRE home to C:Program Files Java jdk-10.0.1 it gives an error "Target is not a JDK root. System Library was not found" . I point it to bin and same result.

When I run the cmd prompt and type java -version it gives me the correct version (10) because I have set PATH to to JDK 10. (for some reason the path has these odd C:Program Files Oracle Java variables which is incorrect ).

What could I be doing wrong?

If this is the incorrect forum for asking these questions , would you kindly direct me to the correct forum? Thanks.

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