Making Afflow/Monetizer Rain – Only InfotechTool

Making Afflow/Monetizer Rain – Using 1 Optimization Tool

Making Afflow/Monetizer Rain – Only InfotechTool, ONLY infoTech

Pick a geo and mobile carrier, set up an Afflow campaign, and let this optimization tool do 90% of the optimization for you! BONUS: The post reveals all details about this currently-live-and-green campaign, for you to clone in the next few minutes!

How to Work with PUSH-Notifications in Propellerads

Another excellent step-by-step tutorial from moderator mrbraun where ALL is revealed! According to mrbraun, push traffic converts WAY better than pop. How much better you ask? Read the post to find out!

Beating The 4PM Blues – 5 Unique Ways To Stay On Your Grind

Member moneytrain shares tips on staying productive after 4PM. “After 4PM, we reach an inflection point. 99.9% of the world’s population pretty much calls it quits after their main obligations are fulfilled. That’s why I wanted to share the 5 ways I keep grinding through the mid-game to eventually come out on top.”

What The Aff… – A Daily Newsletter For Affiliates

Manu_adefy celebrates his birthday by starting a free daily newsletter for affiliates! It’s a short, carefully curated newsletter (5 mins read time) with affiliate marketing news, cool tech and actionable advice. Find out where to get it now!

How to Know the Top Mobile Pop Traffic Sources

One of the most-frequently-asked questions on STM, and one of the most comprehensive replies.

AffJobs Affiliate Program Announcement : Unique way to make $$$

After a unique way to make some cash in the affiliate AND help the STM family out at the same time? Do you have personal industry connections, strong Linkedin network or operate an affiliate blog? Affjobs, powered by STM, have delivered an Affiliate Program to help spread the word. And make you more moolah!

The not-so-secret $100k offer

Where’s the first place an affiliate marketer finds out what’s hot right now? They ask their Affiliate Manager. They’re well connected, understand what’s working and have one primary goal – to help affiliates make more money. Oh. They can make well over six-figures a year too. Some of the ’s best networks, including Clickdealer are looking to fill Affiliate Manager positions around the globe. Plus having affiliate marketing experience is a major advantage!

Hiring: Ad Campaign Manager

Are you one of the best campaign managers in SoCal? Want to get paid like it? Have you managed over 150k a month budgets on Facebook, Google or Native? Crimson Lake is growing its internal team and are looking to hire only the best campaign managers in California.


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