National Geographic Magazine’s Bold Redesign Puts Visual Storytelling Foremost

Video screenshot via National Geographic

After 130 years of delivering striking snapshots of the globe, National Geographic has announced that it has tweaked its recipe to pique a more visually-hungry crowd.

Come 24 April, the magazine will roll out a newer and bolder look across newsstands. It says you’ll be able to feel the difference even before you see it, as the May issue will mark the first of many to be printed on more premium paper stocks.

The most notable change comes in its front pages. Working with design firm Godfrey Dadich Partners, National Geographic has reimagined its key content in three condensed sections: ‘Proof’; ‘Embark’; ‘Explore’.

“‘Proof’ is a story told through photography. We wanted to start with what this publication does best: visual storytelling,” it describes. “‘Embark’ addresses in-the-news topics. It kicks off this month with an essay on sexual harassment in the sciences. ‘Explore’ illuminates the world’s wonders.”

‘Proof’. Image provided by Godfrey Dadich Partners

‘Embark’. Image provided by Godfrey Dadich Partners

‘Explore’. Image provided by Godfrey Dadich Partners

As you dive deeper, you’ll learn that instead of covering four or five stories of similar lengths, the magazine will introduce several shorter features that are rich with photos and illustrations. These will be accompanied with “a couple” of traditional-length features and “one major, marquee package.”

Image provided by Godfrey Dadich Partners

Additionally, the May issue will introduce two new typefaces that homage to National Geographic’s past: ‘Earle’, which is named after renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle, and ‘Marden’, a clean-cut design inspired by pioneer color photographer Luis Marden.

Image provided by Godfrey Dadich Partners

The overhaul will be the magazine’s most significant yet in nearly two decades. View its teaser below and read more about the redesign here.

[via National Geographic, images provided by Godfrey Dadich Partners]

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