Single user -> multiple employee accounts

We're developing a document/task management (web)application for a large organization. A single person can hold multiple positions, and tasks/documents/files/etc will be tied to those positions and they want to have a single user account for such people, and multiple position accounts will be tied to that user account.

I suggested them to have a position switcher in the page header, and when the user switches a position, all the data and the actions shown on the page will be relevant to that specific position account.

But, they are not satisfied with such solution. They say that if one has multiple positions, they want to see all their tasks in one list.

But just listing data is a simple case, there more complex scenarios – position 1 can see different buttons than position 2, the buttons may do different stuff, they see different form fields, different columns in tables, different page sections. They say, if the action is dependent on the position, show them a position chooser dialog for that specific action, if they need to see different stuff – show them the union of what the position accounts can see. Personally I think this will lead to confusion for the users and potential errors and more wasted time.

What do you guys think? Does anybody have experience developing such "combined-roles" business application? Or have you used one?


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