Use a feedback form template to expand your brewery selection

For bars and brewpubs, getting customers to come back for more is the key to success. Truly, the greatest business gains occur when you can get these people to become repeat customers — bringing friends and family along for a round. But how do you get there? A feedback form template can help.

When there are no obvious problems, it can be tempting for brewery business owners to think that everything is perfect. But customer satisfaction is about more than settling for “OK” — it’s about exceeding expectations.

Figuring out areas where improvements can be made is easy by a system for customer feedback. Unfortunately, most customers don’t bother — even when asked. A survey by Marketing Land found that about 67 percent of respondents who leave feedback never get a response.

Furthermore, in most cases, when someone is unhappy with service at a place of business, they just disappear and never come back.

If you want your business to improve and increase customer satisfaction, getting feedback from your customers is necessary. The key is asking for it in the right way.

How customer feedback can help

Customer feedback is important — not only for bars or restaurants but for all types of businesses. Customers are the lifeblood of a business. Without them, you can’t make money, so it’s important to always be keeping their needs and wants in mind.

Collecting feedback can give you a lot of insight regarding what’s working — and what isn’t.


It can help you to uncover areas for improvement that you might never have considered. The more frequently you pursue customer feedback, the less likely you are to let a glaring business issue go unaddressed.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t ever assume you know what customers want. Even if something worked in the past, that might not be the case several months from now. For example, if your brewery serves a limited number of beers but changes them infrequently, customers might be happy today… but bored and dismissive when looking at your menu later. They might decide to check out another brewery instead.

By taking the time to understand your customers, it’ll be easier to figure out what to do next. This will not only help to expand your selection, but also fulfill customer demand.

By fulfilling customer demand, you will increase customer satisfaction, which is important because increasing customer satisfaction is what leads to customer loyalty.

How to ask for feedback

There are many different ways to ask for feedback. You can engage customers by:

  • out paper surveys with their bill for the night.
  • Encouraging them to leave reviews and star ratings on local business review/rating platforms like Yelp or on your Facebook business page.
  • Directing them to your website, where you’ve published feedback form templates.

Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Paper Surveys

Paper surveys are the most traditional way of asking customers for feedback. You can hand out paper surveys to customers while they’re at your place of business, perhaps with their final bill.

Sometimes “traditional” refers to “outdated,” and in some ways, that’s the case here. Paper surveys require manual collation, which can be an inefficient use of your staff’s time. Furthermore, customers asked to fill out a paper survey might be distracted from providing useful feedback. After all, they’re at your brewery to enjoy themselves!

Online review & rating platforms

Yelp, Facebook, Google, Zomato and Zagat are just a few of the many review and rating platforms that businesses can use to encourage/display customer feedback.

Most consumers spend a lot of time researching establishments before they make up their mind to visit or buy something from them. With so many active users regularly patronizing (and publishing to) these review platforms, they can either boost or bring down a business — depending on the nature of feedback.

These platforms allow customers to share a lot of different types of content: photos, star ratings and detailed written reviews. It’s important to understand the nature of these reviews as mostly organic — not necessarily driven by businesses asking customers to leave feedback for incentives. Although you can’t force someone to review your business, you can at least remind customers to do so!

Feedback forms

However organic and genuine the feedback from review/rating platforms end up being, there are still details you won’t be able to get if you’re not in control of the questions being asked of customers.

For example, let’s say you’re interested in knowing what new types of beers to brew and serve. Using a feedback form with specific questions will make it easier for customers to give you the type of feedback you need to make your brewery better.

You can drive customers to fill out these forms through the use of your email newsletter, social media and website.


If you’re having trouble encouraging cooperation, try using incentives like coupons or a prize drawing. While these tactics are against most review platforms’ terms of service, there’s nothing wrong with using them to gather private feedback to improve your business!

A feedback form template for your brewery business

Online feedback forms are a convenient way to get detailed information from customers. Unlike traditional paper surveys, using online feedback forms can help you to reach more people — not just those physically inside your place of business during a given timeframe.

A few additional benefits associated with using an online feedback form template:

  • The answers can easily be tallied.
  • They provide easy access to information for anyone who needs it.
  • Many online forms provide insightful analysis and statistics based on the answers.

Here are some feedback form templates that you can use to improve and expand your bar or brewpub:

Ninja Forms

This WordPress feedback form template is considered one of the best for breweries. It’s easy to use and pricing is based on desired functionality and integrations. Build feedback form templates easily and fast with its drag-down feature. You can even customize it according to your branding!

Google Forms

This popular and widely used feedback form template by Google is free and easy to use. Create as many forms as you need, then export responses in a manageable format. You can also share access to your feedback form templates so that relevant parties can edit and improve on your initial questions.

Airtable Forms

Airtable Forms offers free, unlimited forms for up to 1,200 responses — then the paid plan has a nominal fee per user per month. Like Ninja Forms, it offers easy form creation thanks to a drag and drop feature. It can be integrated with popular apps like Slack, Zapier and Dropbox. Data can also be exported as a spreadsheet for seamless reporting.


Feedbackify is yet another option if you’re looking to create feedback form templates for your brewery. Like many others on this list, it offers a drag-and-drop feature for easy form creation. It’s easy to install the finished product by copying/pasting the offered HTML code. You can also opt to add the option for star ratings and comments. Give it a try with a 15-day free trial, then expect to pay a monthly fee thereafter.

Final thoughts on feedback form templates

The most successful businesses continue to prosper because they take the time to truly listen to the wants and needs of their customers. Certainly, getting negative reviews in a public or private setting can be uncomfortable — but it’s really this feedback that will help you the most.

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