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If you are a homeschooler who is considering trying an online curriculum, if you are someone who is thinking about homeschooling next school year, or if you are looking for something to help supplement your kids’ education this summer, you’ll definitely want to check out this offer for a FREE 30-day trial to Monarch Online Curriculum!

We used this curriculum for two years while we were homeschooling and there were many great things about it. I love that kids can do it at their own pace, that much of the work is graded automatically, that the online curriculum is so interactive — there are the usual textbook-type copy, but then they break things up with videos, interactive quizzes, audio lessons, and games to play (these were favorites at our house!).

We also loved that they could log into their school from anywhere where there was a computer and internet access… and we often took school with us on the road or on a plane! I also loved that our kids could go at their own pace and we had access to all of the curriculum. So if a child finished the current subject in their current grade, they could move on to the next grade — without us having to buy any new curriculum or pay an additional fee!

In addition, we loved that you could mix and match grades. For instance, Silas struggled with reading and phonics but excelled in math. So we let him work ahead a few grades in math because he was getting all of the answers correct and was highly motivated to see how far he could get!

I also loved that I didn’t have to plan lessons and that I could see instantly how the kids were doing in all their subjects by logging into the teacher/parent portal.

If you are looking for something different and fresh for your homeschool curriculum next year, definitely sign up for the FREE 30-day trial to Monarch Online Curriculum. There are no strings attached and no credit/debit card required. It’s a truly free 30-day trial!

Monarch Online Curriculum offers many benefits:

  • There are four budget-friendly plans to choose from. Monarch is perfect for frugal homeschooling families. Pay as you go for a budget-friendly approach to homeschooling or save even more when you purchase a yearly plan. Both options are available for an individual student or the whole family.
  • It’s flexible. No matter the time, place, or your child’s preferred pace, Monarch lets homeschoolers study when and how it is convenient for them.
  • Students build professional communication skills every day. Monarch’s built-in messaging system provides students with an opportunity to practice virtual communication skills as they encounter questions or concerns while completing coursework.
  • It provides immediate access to the latest information. As history happens and technology advances from day to day, there’s no need to wait around for software updates or a new edition of your textbook. Monarch Online Curriculum can be updated any time, providing your child with constant access to the most up-to-date information.
  • Record-keeping is easy and feedback is instant. All of the student data is stored digitally, and 85% of student work is graded automatically.
  • Their subscription plans provide access to 50 courses for grades 3 through 12, allowing students to mix and match courses across grade levels to suit their individual learning needs.
  • It’s PC and Mac compatible.
  • They offer secure data storage. Monarch’s secure learning environment stores your child’s academic records for seven years after your subscription ends. Accessible anytime, your child’s grades are neatly logged, so you have everything to accurately prepare high school transcripts.

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