iZettle makes it easier than ever to start an online store

Creating an online store for your business is about to get easier than ever thanks to a new launch from iZettle.

The Swedish fintech firm has today announced a new e-commerce platform that will allow small businesses to create and launch their selling online in just a few minutes.

Available in the UK from today, the iZettle E-commerce platform lets businesses set up a custom shop quickly and easily, or gives them the guidance needed to start selling across blogs or social media. The service supports all major credit cards and online payment services, including PayPal.

Customers can also quickly add "buy buttons" to their existing sites, opening themselves up for business 24/7. The platform can be used to give an immediate overview of all sales, whether online or in-store, allowing businesses to spot popular products or trends quickly.


The service is open to UK as part of the iZettle Go PLUS full-feature package, which is on offer for £29 per month.

Its launch comes as iZettle looks to extend its operations across Europe, with e-commerce offerings becoming increasingly vital for many businesses. 

The company is best known for its mini card readers, which have allowed small businesses across the world to accept card payments without needing to invest in costly infrastructure.

"This is iZettle’s biggest product launch since 2011 and it is a huge moment for us," said says Jacob de Geer, iZettle CEO and co-founder. 

"Today’s consumers expect businesses to be present both offline and online, and half of iZettle’s currently don’t have an online shop and the other half struggle with different complex online systems. iZettle E-commerce solves these problems, helping small businesses find new customers and sell more – all from one place."

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