Never say never: A Q&AA with Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun is best known as the manager of Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Psy and Ariana Grande, and founder of School Boy Records. But increasingly, the ber-manager has been expanding his SB Projects and media company to include projects like the CBS procedural “Scorpion.” (Its 2011 Bieber documentary, “Never Say Never,” grossed $100 million worldwide.) Last month, Braun announced he has teamed with Maisel, founding chairman of Marvel Studios, to form Mythos Studios. Together, the two aspire to make “hit comic-book movie franchises in live-action and animated formats.” We may be oversaturated with superhero movies these days, but if there’s one thing Braun’s career has suggested so far, it’s that it would be foolish to second-guess him. He sat down for a chat about how he got here. Our conversation has been edited.

Your first sales job was brokering fake IDs at college. What did you learn from that?

I was always kind of hustling. I had good ideas on how to market stuff. What I learned from party promotion was an even better lesson: In Atlanta [where Braun attended Emory University for two years before dropping out], I was in a cash business. Your word was your bond. If you broke your word, you had nothing to stand on. That taught me that if you made the wrong deal, you still had to stand by your word. Your reputation will set you up for your next six deals.

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