Walmart Redesigns Its Website For Fuss-Free, Customized Shopping Experiences

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There’ll be some days when you just don’t have time to stand around and listen to the ‘Walmart Yodeling’ boy sing. All you need is to stock your fridge and cupboard before your guests arrive.

Walmart has not only cleaned up aisle nine, but also its website experience. The new ‘’ features photographs depicting real-life moments for a more “human element,” as well as a softer color palette—a far cry from its harsher, bright blue.

In addition to aesthetics, the new design promises more localized and personalized options, “something that we’re especially well-positioned to do in light of our more than 4,700 stores across the country,” described Marc Lore, President and CEO of Walmart US eCommerce.

An added section lets you know the top purchases within your region, directs you to same-day pickup service ‘Online Grocery’, and allows you to purchase items you regularly shop for.

Walmart has also announced “specialty,” algorithm-based shopping experiences, which aim to make customers feel like they’re browsing in a store created just for them. “Customers shopping for groceries and household essentials want to quickly re-buy what they always purchase, while those looking for a new couch want to be inspired while browsing the different options,” said Lore.

The makeover is expected to arrive in May 2018. In the meantime, check out a few key changes Walmart has made to its new website.

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Click to view enlarged version. Image via Walmart

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[via TechCrunch, images via Walmart]


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