Why MUJI Doesn’t Reveal The Names Of Renowned Designers It Collaborates With

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Japanese “no-brand” MUJI prides in stocking minimalist lifestyle products without letting customers know who designed them.

In a world where labels frequently collaborate with one another, this anti-namedrop approach is a rare oddity.

MUJI has said that it teams up with well-known designers and brands now and then—but it never names them.

At the MarketingPulse conference held in Hong Kong, Kei Suzuki—Director and Executive Officer of MUJI parent company Ryohin Keikaku—explained that if customers aren’t told who designed its wares, they’ll focus on the products alone.

“We collaborate with designers who have sympathy with the MUJI concept so they are happy to be involved, but their names are never to be disclosed,” Keikaku said.

“Some designers are already too famous, so if we sold a product with their name, everybody would buy it. But at MUJI, there are no names… They can get very nervous, because people judge only from the product.”

“We do not want the consumer to be misled just for the sake of a name.”

He added that a number of creations from well-known designers end up becoming bestsellers, whereas some aren’t as popular.

Without logos, these products shed off all lofty perceptions people might have of their creators.

[via Retail News Asia, cover image via ThamKC / Shutterstock.com]

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