4 Gorgeous Typography-Heavy Design Portfolios

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I see hundreds of design portfolios every month thanks to my work with Semplice, a portfolio builder made by designers for designers. Given that most designers spend their time creating graphics and visuals, it’s rare to see a portfolio that’s not designed entirely around the images.

We build our portfolio to showcase our work, so it makes sense. But occasionally a designer surprises me by using typography in an intentional, unique way for their website—to display not only their work, but their personality too. These portfolios, all built with Semplice, do just that. 

4 Gorgeous -Heavy Design Portfolios

1. Schoener

Schoener proves how visually powerful typography can be. Their portfolio is packed with the studio’s custom typefaces, each page more loud and bold than the last. Hover over any element on the homepage and it will come alive, pointing the way through their Alice in Wonderland-esque website experience.

GIFs illustrate the full range of font sets, and carefully chosen quotes set the vibe for each project. Confident yet playful, this portfolio is truly fun to browse.

2. Marina Rachello

Marina Rachello’s single-page portfolio is full of personality. The page leads with a lighthearted introduction in large text. Together with the primary colors and personalized icons, you get a real sense of who Marina is through her website—which is just as important as her work.

3. Sand and Such

Sand and Such is an online magazine, but it’s a perfect example of a side project doubling as a portfolio piece. The work of Verena Michelitsch, Sand and Such features lovely typography that play well with photography. The typography choices on this site feel thoughtful, much like Verena’s work.

4. Riccardo Sabatini

Once I finally tore myself away from Riccardo Sabatini’s homepage GIF, I discovered all kinds of beautiful typefaces throughout his portfolio—most of them designed by Sabatini himself. He leads each case study with a giant headline filling the entire screen, and his About page features fonts of all weights and colors.

For more design portfolio inspiration, visit the Semplice Showcase featuring leading designers, artists and illustrators from around the world. Then join the Semplice family and build your own portfolio with pride.

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