4 ‘Deal-Breakers’ You Should Throw Out of Your Hiring Rubric

We’re in a serious hiring slump. Nearly half of owners say they’re struggling to find qualified job applicants, and more than a third have been unable to fill recent openings.

So how can you deal with this extreme labor shortage? Try widening your applicant pool—by considering candidates you previously would have rejected.

Now, hear us out. We know many of the common hiring “deal-breakers” were established for a reason, but times—and the economy—have changed.

How is the job market different now than it was 10 years ago? Let us count the ways:

  • We recently recovered from the worst recession since the Great Depressionthat left 10 percent of Americans jobless.
  • Rapid tech advancements have landed us smack in the middle of a whole new digital economy.
  • Said new economy has created a hairy monster known as a skills gap that may leave a million tech positions unfilled by 2020.

We’re living in a new world, so it’s time to say goodbye to old expectations and start adapting to a new normal.

Here are four situations that traditionally landed candidates in the “no” pile—and the interview questions that will help you determine if they’re a fit.

To read the four things, click here: 4 ‘Deal-Breakers’ You Should Throw Out of Your Hiring Rubric

Share your “red flags” that aren’t real flags in the comments. Please?

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