10 Funny Advertisements Sure to Make You Chuckle

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As someone who works so closely with ad agencies and marketers, I feel a little jaded when it comes to being a consumer. I’ve gotten so good at blocking out the noise of typical day-to-day ads. That’s why I’m excited to share these 10 ads that really stood out to me over the past year.

Comedy sells. And it’s a great way to break through the monotony of our consumer lives. The creators of these funny advertisements clearly knew that. Hopefully these campaigns will bring you a smile and maybe even some inspiration for your next project.

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10 Funny Advertisements Sure to Make You Chuckle

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town  | Client: Volkswagen

Volkswagen is keeping to their Mad Men-esque advertisements with this campaign. They’re simple, eye-catching and speak for themselves.

Agency: Kentucky for Kentucky  | Client: The Kentucky Commonwealth (sort of)

To catch the interest of readers in an issue of Oxford , Kentucky for Kentucky created this ad with a big ol’ typo right in the headline. As someone who was born and raised in Kentucky, I adore this ad.

To give it a little more fun, the caption reads: “We know. It’s ‘your’ not ‘you’re.’ We just figured that a typo would be the best way for our ad to stand out in a fine publication like Oxford American Magazine. But nice catch anyway, William Faulkner.” Classy.

Agency: BBDO  | Client: Mars, M&Ms

Danny DeVito + chocolate + cannabalism? Sure, why not. 

Agency: Denny’s  |  Client: Denny’s

Yes, social media posting does count as marketing and advertising, especially today. Denny’s post here reminds me so much of those old “when you see it” memes. Combining nostalgia, interaction and humor makes for a pretty solid ad. Who’s ready for a Grand Slam?

Agency: Lucky Generals  |  Client: Amazon

Did someone say “celebrity endorsement”? 

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York; Colossal Media |  Client: Delta Airlines

Adweek did a great job covering this Delta campaign. “World travelers are more likely to be swiped right.” Take a pic with one of these exotic murals, post it to your Tinder account and find your new travel buddy. Then use Delta while you fall madly in love on your adventures.

Agency: Droga5 |  Client: Tourism Australia

When I first saw this advertisement, I was so excited to learn that Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth were making a comedy together. Turns out, they’re not. It’s just a really good campaign for Tourism Australia. As if I needed another reason to want to travel down under. 

Agency: Spotify  |  Client: Spotify

Spotify has done this before, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The 2018 Goals campaign was even funnier and #relatable. 

Agency: Grey New York  |  Client: Pringles

Yeah, we’re sharing this video on 4/20. We see you.

Agency: DAVID Miami  |  Client: Burger King

In case you were wondering, here’s proof that Burger King does indeed flame-grill its burgers. This campaign from DAVID Miami took home the Grand Prix at the Cannes Lion International Festival. 

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