Flickr, Once An Image Giant, Is Acquired By Smaller, Family-Owned Firm SmugMug

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Video screenshot via SmugMug

Flickr, which was previously owned by Yahoo and Verizon, has been bought over by smaller online photo-sharing website SmugMug at an undisclosed sum.

After being acquired by Yahoo at US$35 in 2005, the once-flourishing Flickr dwindled in popularity—even after a redesign in February 2017—as did the falling search engine giant. Verizon purchased Yahoo in its entirety in June 2017 and offered to sell Flickr to SmugMug.

SmugMug might still be unfamiliar to many, but the brand is confident it can restore Flickr’s services to their glory days. It assures on its website that the union will make the two “the world’s most influential photo-centric community,” since they share similar goals.

“We love photographers, we are photographers, we’ve been catering directly to photographers for a long, long time and we think we have the most insight into what photographers want from these platforms,” Ben MacAskill, Vice President of Operations at SmugMug, tells Business Insider.

MacAskill justifies that the company “weathered many competitors” since its debut in 2002, even surpassing industry lead Kodak, “which really doesn’t exist anymore.”

It’s not yet known what kind of facelift SmugMug has in store for Flickr, though it affirms that existing photos on the platform “aren’t going anywhere.”

Video screenshot via SmugMug

[via Business Insider, video and screenshots via SmugMug]

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