You Can Do It. The Question is Will You?

The difference between “can” and “will” is measured in the difference between the result one produces and the result one is capable of producing.

Even without knowing what one wants, it is almost certain that any individual can do what they need to do to have it. When said individual does not have what they want, there is almost a guaranteed lack of will, i.e., they are unwilling to pay the price to obtain it. The lack of “will do” is present even when a person denies lacking the will. In fact, you are every minute surrounded by overwhelming evidence of this truth.

If you want something you don’t have, it’s because you have seen it. You have evidence that it is possible. You might even have noticed that the person who has what you want is not all that different from you, and they might even lack some of the skills, abilities, and other intangibles you already possess. There may also be a few who have what you want who didn’t have the knowledge or skills and had to pay the price to gain them before they achieved that thing you want. Either way, if they could do all those things necessary to produce some result, you can do the same. But the “can” isn’t what allows some to succeed where others fail. It’s the “will do.”

who succeed at achieving any goal exercise their will, their “me management.” They will themselves to do what others will not, and that willingness is visible in the results they produce. Those who achieve any worthwhile goal pay the price to have what they want, and they pay it in full, without fail, and without complaint.

The willingness to pay the price in time, energy, and resources is what allows two people to produce wildly different results. The willingness to invest in the result you want instead of spending these resources on comfort and entertainment is how you achieve your goals. Your results exactly match your real goals.

The question is not, “Can you?” The question is, “Will you?”

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