‘Feminist Letters’ Is A New Typeface That Champions Women’s Rights

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Thanks to New York-based agency Y&R, feminists now have their own font which is capable of transforming each letter into an icon that addresses women’s issues.

Dubbed ‘The Feminist Letters’, Y&R has teamed up with a group of entrepreneurs called Women of Sex Tech to create the typeface to support gender equality.

“Each letter and number is specifically designed with purpose, calling attention to issues like equal pay, reproductive rights, women’s health, women in politics, and campus assault laws,” the website says.

For example ‘T’ represents “taking control of your body” while ‘J’ is designed to look like a tampon to fight the tax posed on female hygiene products.

Leslie Sims, Chief Creative Officer for Y&R North America, explained that campaigns like ‘TimesUp’ and the #MeToo movement have sparked action for other feminists to take action. Through this font, women can relay their intended messages while advocating women’s rights.

‘The Feminist Letters’ typeface is available to download on its website. The goal of the campaign is to help feminists everywhere express their by tweeting each individual letters and their meaning to any representatives to highlight and bring forth change in the community.

The font saw success at the national Women’s March, where women in New York and LA carry signs with the fonts printed on them while marching for equality.

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