Nike Debuts ‘FlyPrint’, The First 3D Printed Fabric In The History Of Sneakers

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Nike not only makes cool sneakers, but it has also revolutionized the footwear industry.

The company has revealed the latest technology ‘FlyPrint’, a new 3D-printing tech which is the first in sneaker history. Made through a process called solid deposit modelling (SDM), ‘FlyPrint’ uses TPU filament, which is melted to form several layers to create the upper of the shoe.

Nike’s designers can also capture data from various athletes like world-record holding marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge, and translate the data into the textile’s geometries. A customized composition of material is then mixed with the ‘Flyknit’ and ‘Flywire’, to create the most lightweight running shoes ever.

The shoes do not require any glue or seams to hold them together, and it is 11kg lighter that the ‘Zoom Vaporfly Elite’ which is said to be the lightest shoe in the Nike range.

Its press  reads, “Whereas in a knit or woven textile there is frictional resistance between the interlaced (warp and weft) yarns, in a printed textile, due to its fused intersections, there is greater potential for precision-tuned containment.”

The shoes are also free from frictional resistance as they are 3D-printed, and they are made of the highest quality design which proves to be beneficial for athletes.

The ‘FlyPrint’ technology will be incorporated on the ‘Zoom Vaporfly Elite Fyprint’ come 22 April, where Kipchoge will be donning them while running a marathon in London.

Also in the same weekend, only a limited supply of shoes will be available to the public through the Nike app. There is no information on the sneakers yet so stay tuned.

[via Nike, images via Nike]

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