Bill Gates Praises Zuckerberg’s Replies To Congress, But Expects To See Change

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Mark Zuckerberg has had a busy month. Following a security crisis that saw the scraping of approximately 87 million Facebook accounts, he’s been criticized by Apple, was made to testify before US senators, and even ended up becoming the brunt of internet memes.

Singing a completely different tune from Apple’s Tim Cook and Steve Wozniak, Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates has applauded Zuckerberg for remaining tranquil in the face of Congress—an uplifting change to the heavy criticism Facebook’s CEO has received thus far.

In an interview on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ program, Gates praised Zuckerberg for replying “the best he can” and “doing a pretty good job” at the two-day hearing, going on to say that he had “a pretty strong mea culpa in terms of things [Facebook] could have done better.”

However, Gates’ words of encouragement did not come without criticism. He pointed out that he was eager to see how Facebook, which has immense power over people’s data, would be stepping up to combat its privacy issues.

“They are in the hot seat of some very state-of-the-art issues. As a leader, Facebook has got to help the world figure this out.”

When asked if he had any advice for Zuckerberg, Gates said working to improve data protection should be his utmost priority.

“This is his total focus now. He is somebody who takes a long-term view. He’ll be glad to reduce the business’ prospects, to make sure that the privacy promises make consumers feel good.”

[via Business Insider, cover image via Paolo Bona /]

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