Kit Kat’s ‘Sushi’ Chocolates Are Back So You Can Let The Good Times Roll

via Nestlé Japan

Kit Kat bars are being taken very seriously in Japan. The brand’s Japanese name is pronounced, “Kitto Katto,” which also means “to certainly win,” and the chocolates are handed to students as lucky charms for their exams. As such, there are boutiques around the nation that make special, higher-end Kit Kats.

To mark the opening of its new ‘Chocolatory’ boutique in Itami Osaka International Airport, Nestlé Japan has brought back ‘Sushi’ Kit Kats. The last time customers had a taste of these was in February 2017, at the launch of the specialty store in Tokyo.

If the sound of sushi-inspired candy bars rings fishy to you, you’re not the only one. The company first introduced them as an April Fool’s Day joke—but as luck would have it, they were made a reality.

本日4/1、#キットカット よりついに寿司味が新発売!

”キットカット日本酒”との相性もばっちり。 築地直送の新鮮な美味しさをお楽しみください♪#エイプリルフール #AprilFool

— KIT KAT Japan (@KITKATJapan) April 1, 2016

From 18 April until 6 May, the new location will hand out these limited edition bars to the first 30 customers who spend over JP¥3,000 (US$27.90) at the store.

The ‘Sushi’ Kit Kats come in three varieties: ‘Tuna’, ‘Sea Urchin’, and ‘Egg’.

‘Tuna’ features a raspberry-flavored bar, ‘Sea Urchin’ is topped with a ‘Hokkaido Melon with Mascarpone Cheese’-flavored chocolate and then wrapped with a slice of seaweed, and ‘Egg’ comes with a banana-flavored bar and a sliver of seaweed.

For extra decadence, all three flavors are stacked atop white chocolate-covered rice crispies and come with a touch of wasabi.

Only 570 bars will be made available, so you might want to get rolling soon.

via Nestlé Japan

Image via Nestlé Japan

Image via Nestlé Japan

[via SoraNews24, images via Nestlé Japan]

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