Looking for feedback on my Typography mobile app design plans

Hello everyone, I posted this on /r/Typography the other day and responses were a little thin- zero to be exact. I'd be hard pressed to come up with another community that works more with type than graphic designers, so hoping you guys could help me out.

I’ll start with a little background on myself. I have been working with type for a long time, most of it without a damn clue what I was doing. Throughout school I gravitated towards design, and began to fall in love with typography. I still have a lot to learn but I’m no longer intimidated by making type selections like I used to be.

I’m currently designing a mobile app for graduate school relating to typography, and looking to get feedback from a couple of Reddit communities.

Here is a link to my first prototype, which is very incomplete but does illustrate a couple ideas I have. Don’t pay too much attention to the name or logo, they are just placeholders. In this version, you can add up to 5 levels of Roboto, increase the weight by tapping on the sides, and cycle through paragraph styles by tapping the middle. All levels of the type system are draggable.

My ultimate goal is to give people an alternative way to select and discover type, instead of alphabetically or by whatever happens to be trending- especially when they don’t have a clear idea of what they are looking for to begin with.

Here is where I’d like to go with it, which is a little different from my prototype above:

  • Choose a few parameters (Serif, transitional for example. None need be selected)
  • Choose a paragraph style (headline, subhead, body etc)
  • Press ‘go button’ (an icon will be in place)
  • 5 varieties of font families meeting the parameters are simultaneously (and randomly) generated, and stacked on top of one another
  • The user is able to tap a font they like in order to ‘lock’ it into that place.
  • As they continue to tap ‘go’, new random font families will be generated, retaining what has been locked into place
  • Screen captures can be used as an output to later reference selections, or saved to a linked Adobe TypeKit account

I know I haven’t asked you any questions yet. So for starters:

  • Does this strike you as a useful tool?
  • Is there a tool you wished you had (that didn’t exist) in the past to make font selections? Can you describe it?
  • What parameters would you like to have in place to make random fonts more useful?

Any feedback or thoughts that come to mind in general would be immensely helpful.

If I haven’t lost you yet- I’m looking for around 5-10 individuals to interview in order to get feedback from professionals who work with type in order to avoid designing around my own whims. The interview will be general to typography and not so specific to my prototype. Everyone who schedules with me will get a $10 Amazon code for their help and time. PM me if you’re interested in being interviewed. I’ll need to have my interviews finished by the middle of next week.

Thanks in advance for reading, and any contributions.

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