Helping Managers to Quickly Know Where to Take Corrective Action

Are your managers drowning in too much information?

It’s quite likely they are. Operational areas are typically under pressure to achieve better results, but it can be challenging for managers to know where to make changes or focus their efforts.

Rather than not having enough information, this uncertainty can spur some managers to overcompensate by spending excessive amounts of time designing, generating and reviewing numerous reports.

The abundance of data on-hand may be overwhelming—and yet still not provide the answers they need. So, how can managers quickly analyze what’s going on? What tools can you provide to help them measure what matters—and to help them get employees aligned with corporate expectations and goals?

You need to measure what matters. Rather than trying to assess every detail of each employee’s individual performance, what are the top five key performance metrics (KPIs) connected to your organization’s strategic objectives that you can monitor on a daily basis?

Share the metrics and associated goals with employees. Engage your team members and set expectations on performance so that they understand how they will be evaluated and can better understand how their actions help support the organization’s goals.

This isn’t a one-time activity, however. It’s critical that a review of these metrics becomes part of regular conversations and engagement with each team member to reinforce their importance and keep the discussions going.

Leverage an enterprise Performance Management solution. Verint Performance Management can be configured to identify when and where corrective action is needed. Enable automatic scheduling of coaching and eLearning when performance falls below a threshold. Review how an individual employee is doing across multiple metrics, or review how a team of employees is doing across a single metric to determine how broadly you may need to focus training efforts.

Verint Performance Management includes an Improvement Opportunities widget that can make it easier for managers to quickly see which of your central KPIs is furthest from goal, or which may have experienced a severe decline recently.

Learn more in our complimentary Executive Perspectives, Four Steps to Improve Manager Effectiveness. And, you can always contact Verint for more information about our Performance Management solution by contacting us at

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