Save on the brand new MAGNUM Ice Cream Tubs at Target!

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Do you remember when I won the Cool Mom Award by introducing my kids to the MAGNUM Ice Cream Bars? Well, ever since then, our family has been huge fans of MAGNUM Ice Cream Bars and we buy them on occasion as a very special treat!

A number of weeks ago, the folks at Mirum contacted me to let me know that MAGNUM was launching a new ice cream line. They wondered if I’d be willing to try out the ice cream, write a post on it, and share a special coupon for it at Target.

Um, I had to think long and hard about that one. I mean, I wasn’t sure if I was up for all the “work” involved with buying ice cream and taste-testing it.

Life is rough sometimes, y’all. 😉

But I want to serve my readers well, so I said I would. And because I’m very dedicated to you all and because I wanted to do a thorough job of this post, I decided that I probably should go to the extra effort of taste-testing all four different kinds of ice cream.

It was a lot of work, but I psyched myself up for the task, put on my big girl pants, and powered through all that taste-testing. What can I say? I am a very committed blogger. 😉

All sarcasm aside, this ice cream is the BOMB (and I don’t even care that people don’t really use that phrase anymore, it’s true!).  If you’ve tried the MAGNUM® Ice Cream bars, you know that they use only the finest premium ingredients, including silky vanilla bean ice cream. They are the only ice cream bars made with Belgian chocolate, for the ultimate chocolate indulgence.

They are hands down the very best ice cream bars ever invented and Jesse and all three kids wholeheartedly agree. So I had really, really high hopes for the MAGNUM® Ice Cream Tubs.

And they did not disappoint. Not at all.

MAGNUM® Ice Cream Tubs offer an indulgent experience unlike anything else. This ice cream is made with Belgian chocolate from the highest quality cocoa beans that are sustainably grown on their Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

Each tub is literally covered in chocolate on the top and sides with a unique outer cracking chocolate shell. You can actually hear the outer shell crack when you squeeze the sides of the ice cream tub. This is the very first scoop-able ice cream product to be fully encased in chocolate!

I can tell you firsthand that this ice cream is unlike any other ice cream I’ve had! It’s every bit like having MAGNUM® Ice Cream bar in a tub.

And it’s A-MAZ-ING!

I will say that it’s super rich. You don’t need to eat much to feel completely satisfied and like you had an incredibly luxurious ice cream experience!

There are four different delicious flavors to choose from:

  • MAGNUM Milk Chocolate Vanilla — Velvety vanilla ice cream and thick chocolate shards encased in a cracking milk chocolate shell. (This one was my very favorite!)
  • MAGNUM White Chocolate Vanilla — Velvety vanilla ice cream and thick white chocolate shards encased in a cracking white chocolate shell. (I’m not a white chocolate fan, but I still thought this ice cream was delicious!)
  • MAGNUM Milk Chocolate Hazelnut — Chocolate hazelnut ice cream with hazelnuts and milk chocolate shards, all surrounded by a cracking layer of milk chocolate. (If you love hazelnuts, you are going to absolutely love this one!)
  • MAGNUM Dark Chocolate Raspberry — Raspberry ice cream with thick dark chocolate shards, all surrounded by a cracking layer of dark chocolate. Made with 65% cacao dark chocolate, it’s luxury in every bite. (The dark chocolate is so rich and delicious!)

Save on MAGNUM Tubs!

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