Cloud Foundry Certified Developer

Do you want to learn how to use Cloud Foundry? Then the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Course is for you. You will learn how to deploy your apps to Cloud Foundry and connect backing services like MySQL, MongoDB, and Memcache to it. Want to use a private domain? No problem, just create an alias in your DNS and then add the domain to Cloud Foundry. Whether you are new to Cloud Foundry, or you are an experienced user that is looking to get certified, this is the course for you. This is also an excellent course for those thinking of changing careers, as it will give you the skills you need to get the job.
The course covers the following:
  • An introduction to Cloud Foundry that goes over components and architecture
  • An overview of Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s console
  • How to manage Orgs and Spaces
  • Learn the basics of how to use the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface
  • How to push your applications to Cloud Foundry using the push command
  • How to create Cloud Foundry manifest so deploying your code can be a repeatable and predictable process
  • Learn how to use backing services like MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, and Memcache with your applications
  • Building apps for Cloud Foundry using the principles of the 12-Factor App
  • Manage your applications by scaling horizontally and vertically
  • Create route services that will transform or process requests before they reach your application
  • Create custom backing services by developing Service Brokers
This course has more than just video lessons, it also contains:
  • Scenario-based Live Environments for you to complete at your own pace
  • Quizzes that will test your knowledge of the subject matter
  • Flashcards to help you prepare for the
Who should take this course?
  • Those who want an alternative to OpenShift, AWS, or
  • People who work for a company that is more focused on developing their apps than which platform the app is deployed to
  • Developers looking for a place to deploy their apps
  • DevOps engineers looking to make releasing code to production easier
I hope you enjoy the course!

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