Feedback on unique global navigation pattern for higher-ed site

All higher-ed sites have the same problem–meeting the needs of unique audiences. Future students, current students, faculty/staff, parents/family, alumni/friends are all unique audiences with unique content interests and user flows. One pattern that has emerged to deal with this is the "information for…" drop down. See here: examples.

I that this is a bad pattern that has become a standard but isn't necessarily the best solution. My idea is to have the main menu links and their associated mega menu content change depending on the user's selected audience. The default state of the menu would be for future students (which is our primary audience) so the feature would be an "opt-in" feature.

That being said, I'm having trouble designing something that would have a minimal learning curve and fit with my global header design. I've posted screenshots of my design mocks here and am looking for any feedback I can get. I'm fairly confident this would be an improved pattern over what exists now, but getting the design just right seems to be crucial and I've hit a wall. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!

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