Google Chrome Is Testing A New Design That Will Make It Look ‘Lighter’

Image via Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

Google Chrome, the most popular web browser as of last year, is expected to take on a refreshed design that follows the style guide of the rumored ‘Material Design 2’.

The changes have already rolled out to Chrome Canary, an experimental browser for developers and early adopters.

Per 9to5Google, the slated, angular tabs you see at the top will be replaced with squarish shapes with rounder corners—somewhat like iPhone X’s notch. The address bar will also be curvier, subtly giving the browser a cleaner, lighter feel.

In place of the current light gray, active tabs and the toolbar will feature an off-white hue.

The user’s avatar will also be shifted to right side of the address bar, as opposed to the top right-hand corner of the browser.

So far, Google has hinted facelifts for Search and Gmail, both of which will be adapted to channel the new ‘Material Design 2’ visual language.

As the overhaul is still in trial, more changes are expected to be underway. Have an early glimpse of the refreshed browser and see more screenshots on 9to5Google.


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