Sneezing on camera, bad hair days, and why I love live video!

I told you a few days ago how I was one of the most least likely candidates ever to fall in love with live video.

But I did and I have and I still am madly in love!

It wasn’t love at first sight, by any means. Instead, it was one of those romances that slowly developed over time.

And it really came about because I saw the fruit of live video in our business…

  • Live video gave me a way to connect with my readers in a deeply personal way. I could interact with them LIVE — almost as if we were having coffee together! They could see my face and I could see their comments and responses in real-time.
  • Live video allowed my readers to develop deeper trust with me. Reading words in a blog post will never have the same impact as hearing someone say the words to you in real time where you can see them and hear them. When people trust you, they are much more likely to continue to show up and listen to what you have to say.
  • Live video offered the ability for my readers to see me as a real person. Ever since I’ve started doing live video, I’ve gotten a significantly higher number of emails from people who are writing in as if they know me personally. And they will often say that they truly feel that they do — because of my live videos.
  • Live video gives your readers a more personal peek into your real life. You can’t be perfect on live video because there is no edit button, no Photoshop option, and no deleting. It’s real and raw and live. And people love this!

My readers have seen me sneeze on camera, have bad hair days, and realize on live video that I forgot to finish doing my makeup.

They’ve seen my kids come in and interrupt me.

They get to see different parts of my home — even parts that are messy or far from perfect.

They’ve seen me have recipe flops and embarrassing moments — and they eat it up! Because real life is not perfectly curated blog posts!

This is the power of live video. It takes someone from feeling like a bystander to a friend. And when your followers aren’t just followers, but are friends, the trust you have is on a completely different level than you’d ever have if they just read your words on a page.

This is why I’m such a huge proponent of live video and why I feel like every single person who does anything on the internet (be it blogging or Instagram or an online business or even an offline business) should be using the medium of live video.

I want to teach you how to become incredibly confident on live video and give you all of my tips to use live video successfully to grow your business and your income — and to build that deep trust with your followers.

And that’s why I want to invite you to join me on Thursday night for my brand-new live class on 10 Strategies to Master Facebook Live.

It will be a 2-hour class where I’ll pull back the curtain and share all of my best tips and tricks and tactics for being successful on Facebook Live.

I’ll be a completely open book in this class and will likely share things you’ve never heard shared before anywhere. Because I’ve discovered a lot of things that I don’t hear anybody else teaching or talking about — and they really work!

I’ll teach you:
– How to plan and prepare for a successful Facebook Live
– How to hook viewers within the first few seconds of your live video
– How to create compelling calls to action in your videos
– The one thing you shouldn’t do when you go live
– How to fake confidence until you feel it
– The most effective types of content for live videos
– How to re-purpose content you already have for great live videos
– … and much more!

You don’t want to miss it! This is very likely the only time I’ll be offering this class this year!

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