downgrading from high sierra, and I have an important but simple question..

dear r/mac

so a few days ago i finally updated my OS to high sierra without much thought.. alas 2 main adobe programmes that i rely on heavily no works and i am in the process of downgrading to sierra.

as i have never done this before and i am wary of what my actions will cause, i hope someone here can answer a simple question.

what ive done so far: 1. I have made a bootable version of OS sierra on a usb stick 2. I have for the first time AFTER upgrading to high sierra backed up my files (time machine) on an external drive.

I was about to erase my hard disk with high sierra on it before i read this macworld article

Mr Hemphill says "during the downgrade process you will completely wipe your hard drive, so you would lose any new files you have created since the High Sierra installation (and anything since you last backed up your Mac for that matter, you did back up before you installed High Sierra, didn't you?)"

This seems to suggest that I will not be able to retrieve my files (programmes like lightroom, photoshop, documents, photos, etc) from my time machine backup because it was made AFTER I upgraded to high sierra so does that mean I will not be able to bring my computer back to how it was (with the programmes and files) before updating?

sorry for the length of this post but i want to be concise and not make any mistakes.

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