New Leaked Photos Of ‘iPhone SE 2’ Show Apple Bringing Back The Headphone Jack

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It seems like a new ‘iPhone SE’ is on the way, though it is still a blur to which features are included in the smartphone.

These photos, spotted on a Chinese social media Weibo and posted on the likes of TechCrunch, supposedly reveal the second generation of the iPhone SE.

The device shows a glass back, which is likely to be for wireless charging, and—gasp!—a 3.5mm headphone jack. The phone also looks very similar to the original SE phone, which also comes with the Touch ID sensor. Its rear markings only feature the word ‘iPhone’.

It can’t be confirmed if these leaked images are the actual model of the upcoming phone, or just the prototype, since there is another conflicting rumor suggesting that the ‘SE 2’ might not include the headphone jack after all.

Another report states that the iPhone SE 2 might be equipped with A10 processor, 2 GB RAM with either 32 or 128 GB storage configurations.

Take a look at more photos here.

alleged iPhone SE 2 with glass back shown in a clip#Apple #iPhoneSE2

— Giz China (@Gizchina) April 26, 2018

Latest video reveals @Apple #iPhoneSE2 will sport a headphone jack. Find out what other upgrades are expected.

— Xite (@xite_tech) April 27, 2018

[via Apple Insider, opening image via Shutterstock]

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