UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 104: Qualifying Clients with Matt Inglot

Portrait of Matt Inglot

Is that new project really worth your attention? Should you say “yes” to that new client? Freelancers and consultants face these challenges daily. Today our guest is Matt Inglot, the founder of Freelance Transformation and micro-agency owner. You’ll learn how to identify your ideal client, qualify incoming leads, organize your client intake, and avoid common red flags.

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Show Notes

  • Freelance Transformation — Matt’s famous podcast
  • Tilted Pixel — Matt’s agency
  • Episode 100: Leveling Up with Patrick McKenzie
  • 3 Reasons You Should Be Roadmapping — an article by Brennan Dunn
  • FT 141: Become Known In Your Niche with Mike Julian
  • FT 139: Building a Company of One with Paul Jarvis
  • FT 132: Specialize, Simplify, Profit! with Kurt Elster
  • Get the free course on winning freelance clients at Freelance Transformation
  • Follow Matt on Twitter: @mattinglot

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