Best way to make a B2B sale to companies that already buy the same products?

Basically I’m asking, what’s the way to go about selling a product to an industrial company?

The thing is it’s nothing new, they’re ALREADY buying it, I’m just able to sell it to that company for cheaper.

I already have sold to one industrial type company and was able to save them 10’s of thousands of dollars over the last year. (The only thing is, me working with them was a family connection, so I didn’t exactly have to go make the sale, I basically discovered they were overpaying for several items they go through quickly and told them I would sell to them for cheaper)

The reason I’m able to sell the item(s) for cheaper is because my overhead is much much lower then the local companies that they all buy from, with warehouses, lot of employees, etc…

So in a way I want to say that the sale would be so easy and I really wouldn’t even have to try hard to sell and that it should sell itself. But I’m actually not a salesmen so I don’t want to offend anybody if their is no such thing, that’s why I’m here asking for advice.

I also understand Companies form relationships with each other and may not be willing to switch to a new supplier so easily. Things like that.

Also, I’m not really undercutting the competitors a ton, the companies I’m looking to work with have a lot of money and are able to buy in bulk which helps get the price lower. So even though it could be a small savings per unit, it’s much bigger (thousands or tens of thousands) if they buy bulk.

Anyways loving this sub, I’m learning a lot about sales since subbing a few days back.


TL;DR – how can I make b2b sales without screwing up the leads, by offering the same product they already buy, but for cheaper. (Not a salesman)

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