Disney Unveils First Look At Tim Burton’s ‘Dumbo’ Live-Action Remake

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Video screenshot via The Disney Animation Resource Channel

Disney announced the live-action remake of 1941 animation Dumbo in 2014. Signing on as director in 2015 was Tim Burton, whose application to work for the company was turned down when he was 16 years old.

At CinemaCon this year, Disney finally unveiled the first real glimpse of Burton’s Dumbo, complete with video snippets and an image of the large-eared elephant.

Starring Eva Keaton, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, and Colin Farrell, the revival tells of an ex-circus performer who returns from war and finds that everything around him has changed. He is tasked to take care of a baby elephant, whose gigantic ears have made it the subject of circus stars’ jokes. The sneers finally halt when the performers learn its ears enable it to fly.

Filming wrapped up in November last year, and the movie is currently in its post-production stage.

The live-action film is slated to arrive on 29 March 2019. View an initial image of the adorable protagonist and keep an ear out for more details in the near future.

FIRST LOOK at Dumbo! #Disney #CinemaCon pic.twitter.com/x4QKsgWz3z

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Last Disney goodie is the slate of Disney films and their logos. Mulan is missing #Disney #CinemaCon pic.twitter.com/y10HdBdLnK

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