Infographic: 4 steps to crystal-clear copy

With all due respect to persuasion, style and brevity, clarity is the most
essential component of writing.

If it’s the land of milk, honey and crystal-clear copy you seek,
Enchanting Marketing offers guidance.

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The always brilliant
Henneke advises:

  • Clarify your destination, and define the shortest route.

    Before wantonly splashing words onto the page, define your objective.
    Hone your mission, and “keep your content on one simple, clear
  • Set up signposts at each junction.
    every page or post for swift scanning. Use enticing subheads to
    break up text and ease readers along to the next juicy bit. Write
    descriptive, helpful headlines that eliminate ambiguity. For example, a
    button that says “view apartment details” is better than generic text
    such as “next.”
  • Simplify your words.
    “Difficult words make our readers stumble. Long sentences wear them
    down,” Henneke writes. Swap out fancy words for straightforward
    that highlights your key points.

Clear, concise writing is no easy task. It requires forethought, editing
and aggressive pruning, but your pieces will be more persuasive if you
prioritize clarity.

For more guidance, read Enchanting Marketing’s post
here, or check out the infographic hints below.

How to Write With Clarity - Step 1
How to Write With Clarity - Step 2
How to Write With Clarity - Step 4
How to Write With Clarity - Step 4

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