Marvel Fans, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Post-Credits Scene Has Surfaced Online

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Marvel’s third instalment, Avengers: Infinity War has finally hit cinemas today.

While fans are busy trying to get a seat in fully booked theaters, a post-credit video surfaced on YouTube.

WARNING: Spoiler alert below!

The post-credits scene opens up with an appearance of ‘SHIELD’ leaders ‘Nick Fury’ (Samuel L. Jackson) and ‘Maria Hill’ (Cobie Smulders). They were seen driving around New City, after ‘Thanos’ attacked Earth.

While ‘Fury’ was trying to contact ‘Hawkeye’, a car swerved and crashed in front of them. They went out of their car to check on the driver, only to find out that the car was empty.

More chaos amounted after ‘Thanos’ have depopulated half of the universe and more people continued vanishing, when suddenly an unmanned helicopter crashed into a building.

‘Fury’ caught sight of ‘Hill’, starting to vanish too. He took out his device to send a distress signal, but slowly finds himself fading away. The device fell to the ground, displaying a star logo of ‘Captain Marvel’.

This gives viewers a peek of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie and the Avengers 4 film. Brie Larson will make her debut as ‘Carol Danvers’ in Avengers 4, alongside Jackson.

[via HYPEBEAST, opening image via Avengers]

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