You Are Hiding from Success

Right now, success is looking for you. But it’s having a little trouble finding you. You are elusive. You are hiding.

Success was up early this morning. It looked for you, but you were still asleep in bed. You hit the snooze button three times, but by the time you got up success was already gone. Later, after success made its rounds, it looked for you at your desk. But you weren’t at your desk yet. You were somewhere else, doing something else, and since success looks for people who are doing the work, it couldn’t locate you.

Success was on its phone waiting for you to call. The phone never rang. And success, not being one to wait long, moved on and found someone who is putting forth the effort that success rewards. Success rewarded a lot of people for their efforts today.

Success expected you to persist. So, it located itself where you have made an attempt in the past and failed. It thought that you would certainly come back and try again. It expected you to be determined, to have the intestinal fortitude to stay the course, even when things were difficult. Unfortunately, you didn’t persist. You gave up and decided to try something easier.

Success avoided many of the places you might’ve found yourself today. It wasn’t on television. It wasn’t on the Internet. It wasn’t hanging around on the social channels talking about such and such. It wasn’t at the water cooler. It wasn’t at any of the places where you might find entertainment or distraction. Success just doesn’t hang around those places.

Success requires that you pay the in full for what you want. It is a brutal auditor. It counts every ounce of effort and every drop of sweat.  Until you give success what it demands of you, what you want will not be forthcoming.

Success is looking for you. But it can’t find you if you’re not in the places it looks and if you’re not doing the work success notices. If success hasn’t found you, you need to stop hiding.

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