You Can Now Download Data Containing Everything Apple Collects About You

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For those who wonder what information Apple has collected about you, that data is available for download now.

Apple has repeatedly mentioned that it does not collect a lot of its consumers’ data because it does not monetize from the information. CEO Tim Cook said that consumer is not its product, therefore Apple will not find itself in the same predicament as Facebook.

To find out if that is true, you can request a copy of your very own information that Apple has gathered about you.

First, go to Apple’s Privacy Contact Form page. In the section labeled “I have a question about”, select “Privacy issues” in its drop-down menu. Fill up the form and in the comments section, request for a copy of your personal information before clicking “Submit.”

Apple will then ask you to confirm your request. You will need to verify your identity through a previous AppleCare support case number and a registered product serial number.

This will take a few days before the file is sent to you. If you wonder what information this file carries, CNBC reported that the data is filled with activities from the App Store and iTunes. It lists down your downloaded apps, books, music, as well as every Apple product you have purchased.

[via CNBC, opening image via Shutterstock]


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