Safari seems to be getting slower and slower

I have always used Safari on my Mac because it has always been the fastest and most battery efficient browser. Plus it syncs with my iPhone and iPad and integrates well with the OS.

I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro (2.4GHz i5) with dual SSD's and 16GB of RAM. I know it's not the and greatest but it should really be able to handle web browsing without an issue.

But it seems that it cannot. When I upgraded to High Sierra I did a clean install as I do for every major OS update and things seemed to be working fine.

Over time though Safari has gotten noticeably slower to the point where it doesn't even function on some sites., for example, will not even load in Safari. It just sits there with a spinning circle. Youtube is very very slow. It acts as if it is loading on a 56K modem and elements slowly show up one at a time. Using Safari also causes the fans in my MacBook to spin up to max speed on a frequent basis. of this used to happen.

I only have two extensions installed (LastPass and AdBlock Plus). I have tried disabling them but things only got worse as Safari attempted to load all the ads. I tried clearing cache and cookies and that didn't make any difference either. On some sites pages frequently fail to load all together resulting in a blank white screen.

A family member has an older MacBook Air running High Sierra and I used that the other day and Safari was running lightning fast like I remember it used to on my machine. What gives?

Here is an example of what it's like to use YouTube on my machine at this point:

As that YouTube page loaded the fans sped way up. Safari is acting worse than Chrome at this point!

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