20 More Examples of Processes for Robotic Process Automation

Interest in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) remains high. More and more organizations are exploring the potential use of software robots to automate tasks or entire processes using desktop applications to improve their operations. This often aligns with the ongoing need to improve productivity and quality without increasing team size.  

Another significant benefit of RPA relates to “human resources considerations.” By relieving employees of repetitive and time-consuming work that can be automatically executed by software robots, you free up their time to leverage their skills in more value-added customer-facing work, often increasing employee engagement and satisfaction.

When employees have the opportunity to let go of the boring work—and improve their skills and advance their potential within the organization—they usually stay longer. You may see benefits in HR savings as a result: less attrition means less recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training, and a better bottom line.

With a compelling business case to move forward, often the more difficult task is to identify which tasks and processes to automate. Continuing the topic from an earlier blog, 25 Examples of Processes for Robotic Process Automation, here are some additional use cases to consider:


  • Preparing and submitting claims to insurance providers
  • Administering billing and compliance
  • Applying billing code changes to procedure records
  • Checking the status of accounts payable and issuing new invoices
  • Verifying insurance enrollment and eligibility
  • Comparing medical records across systems
  • Sending patient appointment reminders
  • Providing clinical documentation


  • Managing fleet status
  • Notifying of construction route changes
  • Processing invoices for billing
  • Monitoring service and repair records
  • Verifying shipping and delivery dates


  • Managing complaints
  • Enrolling customers in loyalty programs
  • Issuing loyalty rewards
  • Processing return authorizations
  • Sending shipping notifications
  • Reordering inventory when supply reaches threshold
  • Completing month-end documentation

It helps to remember that Robotic Process Automation is well suited for processes that are clearly defined, repeatable and rules based. As the above list makes clear, organizations across many industries can automate the completion of a wide variety of tasks. Learn more and consider how you can start to realize the benefits of robotic process automation.

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