Apple Could Be Changing iPhone’s Naming System This Year, Analyst Says

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Apple unveiled a whole bag of surprises when it introduced iPhones 8 and X, not just because of the latter’s radical design, but also because of its uncharacteristic name. The device from the year before was dubbed ‘iPhone 7’; the brand had skipped ‘iPhone 9’ altogether.

At least one tech analyst believes Apple will switch things up again this year, so don’t fret—it probably won’t make you call the ‘iPhone Xs’ an “iPhone Tennis.”

In an investor’s note, Guggenheim analyst Robert Cihra cited that the rumored “budget” model, which is expected to cost about half the price of 2017’s US$999 iPhone X, will simply be named ‘iPhone’. This is possibly because the will reportedly not feature an OLED display nor a functioning notch, which powers Face ID.

“Potentially simpler branding coming with no more numbering,” he wrote. “After some mismatched mix with the latest iPhone 6 VS 7 VS 8 VS X, we think Apple may use this upcoming cycle to formally change its iPhone naming [or] branding pattern to now simply start calling the mid-market LCD-based iPhone ‘iPhone’ (no longer numbering them), while keeping the high-end identified by its ‘X’.”

He also forecasted that the revamped ‘iPhone SE’ will not have a number in its name at all.

If Cihra’s predictions pan out, it’ll mean that 2018’s lineup could be named as such: ‘iPhone X’; ‘iPhone X Plus’; ‘iPhone’; ‘iPhone SE’.

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