A New Enterprise Approach to Process Improvement Drives Customer Value

Most process improvement initiatives start as a reaction to a missed goal in a division or workgroup. The managers overseeing this division decide to improve the process to try and improve outcomes.

Yet, this approach may be flawed from the start. Improvements made in silos fail to account for activities related to the process that take place outside of that division. Changes in one group typically impact others down the line—often with a negative effect.

In the Wednesday, November 9, 2 p.m. ET webinar titled “Creating Competitive Advantage through Process-Led Transformation,” Accenture Managing Director Mark George and I will discuss a new, enterprise approach to process improvement that:

  • Begins with desired strategic outcomes
  • Identifies related activities regardless of their functions or processes
  • Creates connected value streams that traverse the organization
  • Assesses organization complexity for processes that add or support customer outcomes, and those that impede them
  • Monitors and measures the impact of enterprise-level process changes on resource utilization, employee productivity, service delivery and customer value.

Accenture research has shown that fewer than 20 percent of all business processes create market differentiation. Yet, processes that directly support speed and strategy—such as those focused on optimization and innovation—are worthy of investment.

In fact, those that simply enable outcomes should be standardized, codified and re-used with ready access. In this webinar, participants will learn about the processes and tools that can help them distinguish between these two types of processes and drive value from organizational process-improvement initiatives.

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