Plant-Based ‘Pork’ Reportedly Has The Taste, Juiciness & Sizzle Of The Real Deal

Image via Right Treat

Not all vegans choose to follow this route because they dislike the taste of meat. Rather, many assert that they grew up on it and still miss its umami goodness, but have opted to forsake it out of their love for animals.

Several brands have developed all-plant substitutes that are said to taste, and even “bleed,” like actual meat for this particular group. One of them is Right Treat, a Hong Kong- company that serves up an Asian-style alternative to the current offerings.

Seeing how pork is ever-present in Chinese food, Right Treat has created ‘ Omnipork’, a 100% plant- recreation that’s “all-purpose” and is said to be as “tender and juicy” as ground pork.

The cruelty-free “meat” is made from peas, non-GMO soybeans, shiitake mushrooms and rice. Its creators say it contains 71% less saturated fat and 62% less calories than regular pork; on top of that, it’s packed with 233% more calcium and 53% more iron.

“From raw form to cooked form, from preparation to consumption, from nutrition to application, we have worked diligently with our proven food scientist team in North America and researched comprehensively with Asians chefs and consumers to understand what makes pork pork,” the brand describes.

As such, ‘Omnipork’ can be used for steaming, pan-frying, deep-frying, stuffing, crumbling, and serves as an ideal base for meatballs.

Right Treat is pretty darn confident with its creation. It has teamed up with Michelin-starred chefs in Hong Kong to cook up vegan soup dumplings, steamed patties, and sweet and sour ‘Omnipork’ that don’t compromise on taste or quality. Learn more here.

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This new vegan pork is sustainable, better for you, and could disrupt a billion-dollar industry.

Posted by Seeker on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Image via Right Treat

Deep-fried ‘Omnipork’ meatballs. Image via Right Treat

Stir-fried stuffed ‘Omnipork’ lotus patties. Image via Right Treat

[via Seeker, images via Right Treat]

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