Twitter and Snapchat embrace video content with partnerships and ads

Twitter is pulling out all the stops for video in a bid to court marketers
and increase its attractiveness to users.

On Monday, the platform announced
more than 30 renewed and new partnerships “across entertainment, news
sports, gaming and beyond”—almost doubling the amount of video partnerships
Twitter had last year.

Twitter’s vice president of revenue and content partnerships, Matthew
Derella, called the company’s ability to connect live moments and video
with consumer conversations its “superpower.”


… Twitter has
a Formula 1 deal: The @f1 account will stream a live post-race show (sorry,
no live races) with both key interviews and panel discussions with
luminaries like Nico Rosberg. The first of ten shows will premiere after
the Spanish Grand Prix on May 13th, and you’ll also find on-demand race
highlight clips.

On top of this, Twitter has divulged details of two of
ESPN’s sports shows. SportsCenter Live is a “Twitter take” on ESPN’s signature news
show that will offer breaking news through Twitter’s Moments feature. Fantasy Focus Live, meanwhile, translates the channel’s fantasy
sports podcast to a livestreamed morning series.

Twitter’s deals with Formula 1 and ESPN are part of a large package of
sports and gaming partnerships, which include Major League Baseball, Bleacher Report, Major League Soccer and Call of Duty World


Take advantage of the power of video—regardless of resources or

ESPN isn’t the only portion of The Walt Disney Company with which Twitter
is partnering, either.
Disney announced
that ABC, Freeform, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel, Disney
Channel, Radio Disney and Disney Digital Network will also create live
content specifically for Twitter. Additional details about this partnership
will be announced on Wednesday, with full information to follow at a later

NBCUniversal will also partner with Twitter to share content clips and live
video from NBC, CNBC, E! News, Telemundo, MSNBC, NBC News and TODAY. Also
included in the announcement are Hearst Magazines Digital Media (which will
debut videos from Delish and Seventeen) and Viacom (which
will create shows connected to Comedy Central, MTV and BET).

Along with sports and entertainment content, news outlets such as Vice News, HuffPost and Vox will join outlets
such as BuzzFeed to offer original news shows on Twitter.

Based on early reactions, the move is a smart business decision for the
platform, which has been struggling to keep up with competitors Facebook,
YouTube and Instagram.

Bloomberg Technology

The news sent Twitter
up as much as 6 percent to $30.74. The stock had climbed 21 percent this
year through the end of last week.

San Francisco-based Twitter has been trying to broaden its appeal and lure
users by becoming a place to discover “what’s happening now.” Efforts to
bulk up its streaming offerings have begun to pay off, and video has
contributed more than half of advertising revenue for two quarters running.
The pact with Disney gives Twitter a bigger arsenal of content that will
help it compete against larger rivals, including Facebook Inc., that are
also doubling down on livestreaming and video. Facebook’s Watch platform is
starting to show scripted series and recently paid at least $30 million to
25 Major League Baseball games, Bloomberg reported in March.

The announcement should also reinforce to communicators the importance of
video. If you’re not currently including this type of content, you might
want to reconsider.

CNBC reported:

Daily video views have doubled over the past year, according to Twitter,
and the company hopes adding more premium programming will attract new
advertisers and audiences. Video makes up half of Twitter’s advertising
the company said during its earnings report on April 25. It said its NewFront 82 percent of users interact with brands on its

Advertisers spent
$13 billion
on digital video last year according to eMarketer, but by partnering with
traditional media companies Twitter may be able to dip into the
$71 billion
television advertising budget. Its increasing efforts to create shows with
online influencers may also chip away at YouTube’s

Snapchat offers must-run video ads

Though Twitter’s recent video announcement boasted its partnerships with
larger advertising partners, Snapchat is offering marketing and PR pros of
all stripes a chance to get in the video game.


A Snap spokesperson confirmed that the company will test a new ad format
called, yes, Commercials, which will be six-second ads that run in select
Snapchat Shows and not in Snapchat’s magazine-style Discover editions or
users’ personal stories. The test is supposed to start around May 15, two
of the sources said. reported:

Story Ads
launched in November 2017
and were originally called Promoted Stories. These Promoted Stories were
sold as untargeted takeovers, where brands purchased a fixed slot
near the top of the Discover feed. The ad format was launched with British
online fashion store ASOS and US TV network HBO.

Now, with Story Ads, advertisers can utilise advanced targeting and
auction-based pricing, and can choose to appear anywhere in the Discover
feed—in order to reach the right users at the right time.

The Drum

Custom-built for the redesigned feed-based Discover channel,
Story Ads offer brands the ability to enable viewers to swipe up to view
products, sites or videos while viewing long-form content. Positioned
alongside premium content they offer the possibility of extending reach as
each ad impression comes from viewing directly as opposed to an ad
sandwiched between content.

Snapchat also claims to be able to offer keener pricing via the
auction-based format as well as more accurate targeting toward pre-defined

As with Twitter’s announcement, Snapchat’s offering is focused on giving
the platform a much-needed revenue boost from marketing partnerships.


The experience would be new for Snapchat and run counter to its past
practice, but the app has had a
tough first year as a public company, struggling to grow users and missing growth expectations, and advertising
is its only source of revenue.

Though the platform has
struggled with user numbers and positive PR
since its redesign (it has tweaked its new look to bring back users who left), brand managers might be interested to know that Snapchat still has an
impressive share of consumers’ attention on mobile devices.

The Drum
reported that Snapchat has more than 60 million daily users located in
Europe and reaches more than 25 percent of smartphone users in the United
States, United Kingdom and France.

What do you think about these announcements, PR Daily readers?

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