Elizabeth Olsen Wished Her Costume In ‘Avengers’ Revealed Less Cleavage

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Avengers: Infinity War has finally made its way into the cinemas.

While the movie definitely did not disappoint, one of the heroes is baffled with her ‘Avengers’ costume. Elizabeth Olsen, who plays ‘Scarlet Witch’ in the movie, said that a superhero donning a plunging corset is not what she had in mind.

Olsen told ELLE magazine that if she was able to choose her own costume, she would not pick a cleavage corset. She explained that she does not mind corsets, except that she prefers it to be designed slightly higher to cover her chests.

Olsen understands that female superheroes are dressed in a particular way as it represents the iconic images of the superheroes, instead of reflecting an average woman. However, she felt that her cleavage bearing superhero costume has not evolved over the years, as compared to her other mostly covered co-stars.

But she did point out, that her costume is lesser sexualised as compared to the one in the comics, where ‘Scarlet Witch’ is seen donning a leotard and headband.

Apart from her costume, Olsen does not have any other qualms working with Marvel, and is actually glad that the company has been championing inclusivity.

Marvel has been using its huge platform to promote representation and diversity with their storylines, taking Black Panther as an example.

Elizabeth Olsen previously called out Empire for photoshopping her face on the cover of its magazine.

Ring the alarm cuz I’m throwin elbows #scarletwitch #avengers #infinitywar

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