Improve the Customer Experience—Listen to Your Branches

Even as many financial institutions and retailers decrease the overall number of branches or stores in their network, research shows that having a physical presence is still valued by consumers today.

Customers may turn to a digital channel first to complete a transaction—they could attempt a mobile deposit or do an online product search, for example. Or quite possibly, they may require more detailed information or the expertise and help of a financial advisor to complete their transaction with confidence.

So, how do you know if your employees are delivering the face-to-face customer interaction you expect, and in many cases that regulations require?

Recording and assessing the customer interactions on phone calls are foundational to managing quality in the contact center. Why not also benefit from the capture and evaluation of the face-to-face conversations between your employees and your customers in the branch or retail store. How effectively do they handle sales opportunities and other interactions with your customers?

Many organizations lack visibility into the quality and accuracy of customer interactions in their brick and mortar locations—and this can represent a serious risk. This applies not only to compliance, but also to measuring the in-store customer experience and sales effectiveness of employees.

Organizations need to be able to help ensure that these face-to-face interactions are monitored and conducted in accordance to regulatory guidelines and organizational policies.

Imagine a retail counter at a mobile phone store where discussions about data and calling plans, pricing, and contract specifics can be recorded and then reviewed for quality, customer satisfaction, and the retailer’s protection.

Face-to-face voice interaction recording, combined with quality management and speech analytics, can provide the actionable intelligence you need to meet these compliance requirements—and can also help to ensure your employees are delivering a quality customer experience and effectively helping to increase sales.

Learn more by reading our new Executive Perspectives: Deepen Insights into Quality and Sales Effectiveness with Face-to-Face Voice Interaction Recording. It describes three technologies that can provide insight into customer interactions at your branch or retail network.

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