Watch: How Starbucks Got Its Name & ‘Siren’ Logo That Beckons More Than Sailors

Image via Starbucks Newsroom

You probably have learned that the designers behind Starbucks’ logo had to tweak it because they thought the ‘Siren’ looked too “beautiful.”

Delving a little further back, did you know the Seattle- chain was originally named ‘Pequod’—a homage to a ship in Moby Dick, a book its co-founders love?

Upon discovering that ‘Pequod Coffee’ didn’t really have a nice ring to it, the cafe was rebranded ‘Starbucks’, named after the chief mate in the book.

In Bloomberg’s latest ‘Behind the Design’ episode, it explores the backstory of the world-famous brand.

You’ll also learn that Starbucks’ ‘Siren’ started out bare-chested, but after several complaints, she took on a more modest image that works to this day, thanks to its simplified, more responsive design.

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This is how Starbucks got its iconic mermaid logo

Posted by Bloomberg on Monday, April 30, 2018

[via Bloomberg, cover image via Starbucks Newsroom]

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