9 Social Tools & Templates I’m Going to Try (And You Should Too)

When a new calendar year begins, there also comes a flurry of content planning. Yet keeping up with your established social media plan during the busy Spring months may prove to be challenging when you have many other content marketing initiatives in the works. If you’re now feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of updating and maintaining a regular social media calendar, you’re not alone. Even businesses with full-time social media support (which is very rare in the B2B world) can struggle to continually create fresh and unique content.

Social media has grown and developed into so much more than just a tool for people to share pet and vacation photos. It’s a curator of news and a conversation starter among friends, family, and colleagues. Everything from political debates to live make-up tutorials are happening on the various social networks. Not to mention the continual updates and overlap in offerings – live videos, stories, filters, etc.

So where do you start? If you’re like me, you tend to stick with tried and true tools to help you manage your social media presence. As a Platinum HubSpot Agency Partner, PMG primarily uses the HubSpot social publishing and monitoring functions. But even a robust platform like HubSpot can benefit from the addition of new tools and templates. So don’t be afraid to try tools outside of your comfort zone! With that in mind, here’s my short list of 9 tools I’m going to check out over the coming months.


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