A better AI scheduling experience for your meeting guests

Amy + Andrew have always been effective gatekeepers of their bosses’ schedules. That said, if we’re being honest, sometimes the experience for their bosses’ meeting guests hasn’t been as smooth.

Our automated scheduling has always saved our users significant amounts of time and money. Problem was, non-users were still ending up entangled in some back-and-forth. Pleasant as the twins are to converse with, too many emails isn’t the kind of impression we wanted to make as a productivity supertool.

We believe in data, as you’d guess, we’re pretty geeky about it. We even added a quick rating system on select messages from Amy + Andrew to better understand what users and guests like and don’t like. From those ratings and additional feedback, we learned that sometimes guests found interacting with Amy + Andrew annoying. So we went back to the proverbial drawing board.

Our first innovation to delight guests was a two-step method designed to make it quicker for meeting guests to work with Amy + Andrew. The first step is a block of suggested times that our AI scheduling assistants send to guests on the user’s availability. Here’s what that looks like:

If any of those times work for the guest, they simply respond with their choice. Amy will book the time and send the invite. End scene.

Alternatively, if none of the proposed times work, guests can utilize the second step, by clicking the link underneath the proposed times to select another time. This takes guests to an expanded menu of the x.ai user’s available times, like so:

Guests select their preferred time. Amy takes care of the rest.

So far, we’ve seen some extremely encouraging improvements already. When Amy’s initial time proposals don’t work, guests clicking into the expanded menu have reduced the length of their conversations with Amy + Andrew by 31%. Not coincidentally, those guests are rating their scheduling experience 5-stars far more frequently, even more often than their hosts!

That’s not all we’ve done to make the AI scheduling experience better for guests. Guests can now also contribute more directly to meeting specifics. When appropriate, Amy sends guests a link to change details, so they can access our new Guest Dashboard, where they can view meeting details, cancel a meeting, edit their participant status, even change their display name (which Amy will remember for any meeting scheduled in the future, too). Take a look:

We know that a meeting that gets scheduled quickly and accurately for all participants is more productive for everyone. We hope our user’s meeting guests can start to enjoy more of the wonders of AI scheduling themselves.

Are you a guest that wants the full Amy + Andrew experience for yourself? Sign up for a free trial!

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