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Preface: I recently got my Bachelor's degree in Marketing, and it took until after graduating to realize how different marketing and design were. I thought they went hand in hand and expected to learn graphic design in school (marketing, advertising, design… to me sounded like they go together), which ended up not being the case. So post-graduation, I took it upon myself to learn the ins-and-outs of graphic design, because it had always been interesting to me and I felt it would make me more well-rounded in some sort of marketing/advertising career.

I wanted to make an Instagram page to track my journey through learning and trying out different designs & logos, which I wanted to start slowly building my own "brand". My name is Max, so I figured it would be clever to name my page/"brand" 'Maximum Marketing'.

Very early on in this "journey", I came up with a logo and very simple/basic "style guide" for myself. Simply just trying to mimic tips I heard about font consistency, and the logo's ability to be used in different places. I put it on Reddit to critique, and it got torn APART. Some people were kinder than others – but I took every tip and critique to heart and wanted to try to apply what others had to say. Some of the biggest critiques that I tried to correct were the following:

  1. Rainbow color schemes are outdated

  2. Color scheme was all over the place (rainbow color theme issue again)

  3. Too many crazy gradients in logo may not always print right

  4. Grayscale version of gradients looked weird

  5. Grayscale gradients may also not print right

  6. Too much Kerning in the logo font

  7. Too many drop shadows

  8. Logo looked too much like logo for City of Melbourne (which, for the record, I had not seen before)

So I took a break, worked on other designs, and came back to this to fix it. 1. I got rid of the rainbow theme, and stuck with a couple blue variations 2. I turned the kerning down a bit, but it didn't look with the letters too close together, so they are still separated 3. When making the logo more "responsive" to other colors, I first tried making a grayscale gradient which looked okay but not great. Then I tried filling the entire M shape with one color, which looked better but also lost the integrity of the fold design. Then I came up with the outline and I really like it. You can see the shapes, still holds the original idea, and there's no gradients that I have to worry about printing bad.

I'm sorry that was a lot to read – after my first time putting something here got torn apart, I really wanted to show that I put some time and thought into what everyone had to say and learned from it.

I'm sure this is still far from perfect – so any comments or critiques on the new design would be much appreciated!

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