Eight Common SEO Myths Busted [Infographic]

Guest post by Imran Khan.

SEO, when done properly, can be the most cost-effective marketing tactic in your arsenal.

SEO, as an industry and practice, has certainly changed a lot in the last decade, but the basic and core principles remain the same. Just like the various kinds of diet advice freely available on the internet, there are numerous articles that purport to provide SEO guidance.

Infographic - debunking 8 common SEO mythsBut of course, not everything you see on the Internet is true. This applies as well to the various kind of misinformation shared by people branded as SEO “strategies and techniques” as to fad diets.

In a disturbing trend, Google appears to be focusing more on retaining visitors then referring them to our websites, as evidenced by Google’s transition from a mere search engine to a knowledge base of snippets, excerpts, and tools. Plus, the opaque updates and seemingly arbitrary penalties are additional pains.

With all of these developments, we certainly cannot afford to follow any myths and jeopardize our sites’ rankings. The most absurd of these myths is the old claim that SEO is dead. This really ticks me off. The people who believe in this happen to follow the same obsolete techniques (which worked in 2010), don’t bat an eye at the content, have a user interface which will make their visitors puke and yet, claim that SEO is dead.

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That’s the reason why I went ahead and designed the infographic below in an effort to debunk the eight most common myths (the ones which can cause significant damage to your websites) which are prevalent in this industry. It’s best to ignore all these myths and help your friends and fellow bloggers by sharing this infographic.

As always, you are welcome to join the discussion by leaving a comment below if you have any other myths to share or have a counter-argument. We appreciate constructive criticism and would love to hear what you have to say.

Debunking the 8 Common Myths in SEO Industry

Imran Khan has been in the SEO industry for a decent period, and has seen many techniques go obsolete and new ones emerge at the same time. The core concept, which is user experience, however, remains the same and is unlikely to go anywhere.

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