Introducing the New AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Course

The phone alert goes off…

It is late at night, and the e-commerce site you are the administrator for is suffering performance issues. The alerts indicate high CPU utilization on EC2 instances and a heavy read load on the RDS MySQL database. Your customers are undoubtedly experiencing slow response times, and the problem is causing a financial impact. How will you resolve the issues? What if you’d never received these alerts in the first place?

These situations are exactly the type of situations the AWS SysOps Administrator-Associate certification is designed around. Instead of teaching architecting and developing on AWS, this certification approaches AWS environments from a systems administrator and operations perspective. SysOps administrators need to know what is going on in our applications and how to fix issues we may encounter. The focus of this certification is centered around:

  • Monitoring resources
  • High availability solutions
  • Analyzing current deployments for performance
  • Deployment of various services and automation
  • Managing data for cost and durability
  • Security practices
  • Networking features and resources

This course is designed, for the most part, around a working WordPress blog and infrastructure with which we will be monitoring, analyzing, and making changes. It is a three-tier application designed to look and function much like a production environment. There will be some services and deployments that are not included in this infrastructure; we will cover those separately.

I come from a network operations background, having spent many years in a traditional data center, being the person receiving those alerts and phone calls. In that time, I developed invaluable troubleshooting skills, a solid understanding of the environment, and the need to react quickly to issues.

While experience is a huge factor in being a successful administrator, knowing how cloud services can be used together to make our job easier is essential. AWS offers so much, like integrated monitoring, highly available/fault tolerant services, and fully managed services like Simple Storage Service (S3) that have impressive availability and durability numbers. The cloud can make administration much easier due to a focus on scalability, elasticity, and automation, but we must understand how to implement these to take full advantage of them.

This course will not only teach the skills and information needed for passing the exam, but students will also gain the hands-on experience that can make such a difference on the job. There are fifteen hands-on activities included in the course that were designed for learning these hands-on skills. Use of these activities is highly encouraged. Here at Linux Academy, we believe learning hands-on is the key to success.

So, if you are ready to get started, come join me in my course: AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate Level

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