Advice needed for new Macbook

Hoping to this is the right place for some advice. I'm looking to replace my aging HP Windows 7 laptop with a new machine for graphic design and web development. (I'm finally making a go of freelancing!)

After a lot of weighing things up I'm tempted to go down the Mac route (more reasons than this but I'm not a fan of Microsoft's stance on user privacy these days). A BIG concern for me has been having a screen with good colour accuracy and gamut, and given I may be collaborating with other designers, I figure the same hardware might help.

I'm looking at the 2015 15-inch Macbook Pro as it's more affordable, has all the ports I need and I don't want the Touchbar. It's still available here in the UK, but with Intel Iris Graphics only.

My questions are:

  1. Is a 2015 model going to hold me back long term? Specs seem pretty decent still, though O know the later models have a much later gen CPU.

  2. Can you still get the 2015 model with a dedicated graphics card? I'm sure it used to have an nVidia card previously.

  3. Any idea what the sRGB and Adobe RGB are like on this version of the 2015 model? The store listing here says 'standard colour gamut (sRGB)', which isn't particularly helpful.

Basically, my current laptop was never built with colour accuracy in mind so having a machine which I can rely on is a must!

Thanks in advance for any advice 🙂

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